The join between professionalism and technology, the wise alliance between the passion for our own job and a non stop attention for the customers, let the garden centre of the Glionna brothers to reach a very important role in the field of the forest conservation, environmental reinstatement and production of Mediterranean and forest plants either on container or in field. The punctuality and precision of our works are the points of strength of the company which constantly has collaboration programs with universities and research centres in order to obtain a real growth of quality and productive standards.

The production:
Mediterranean and
forest plants

Forest plants:
on container

Mediterranean plants

The Glionna company, on a surface
of about 180.000 square metres
(15.000 square metres of cover surface
and glasshouses and 150.000 square
metres of open field), produces forest plants
and trees for gardens, parks and boulevard of
high quality thanks to the very good autochthonal seeds and the modern cultivation techniques used to guarantee an high taking root and survival. The company produces and cultivates its plants in "Air Tube" containers which allow the perfect ventilation of roots, helping an harmonic growth. The particular cultivation techniques used, let to control the extension of the roots through the air space. Environmental re-establishment. This system prevents the dangerous deformation of the root body which, often, damages the growth of the plant. Therefore, it let to widen the useful period to do a plantation, favouring the organisation and a good result of the job. The ability of the Glionna company in the realization of rescue operations of the natural landscape and works of hydraulic-forest arrangement, comes from the sensibility towards the environment and from the experience matured during the years, joined to the collaboration of qualified staff. The professional target reached, let the company to offer a good differentiation of services in the environmental re-establishment field.

How to reach us:

Motorway A16 Napoli-Bari exit Candela
Motorway A14 Bologna-Taranto exit Foggia
S.S.658 Potenza-Foggia exit S.Nicola di Melfi S.S.655
Bradanica exit Lavello

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